Shorts for Tots

This special program was created by the folks at Dublin Animation Film Festival for our favorite 3-6 year olds! Will Cactus make a friend? Can Granny make a Zoom Call? Will Hugo like school?Lots of questions and lots of fun answers in this entertaining selection of animated shorts from Ireland.

Shorts 5: Can I Help You?

In-Person and Virtual—This group of shorts is filled with fascinating conversations and monologues. Some are humorous, some desperate, and some timeless, but all memorable.

Shorts 4: That’s What Friends Are For

In-Person and Virtual—This group of thought-provoking films from some of Ireland’s award-winning directors reveal themes of joy, regret, loss and new beginnings.

Shorts 3: Hey, what’s Going On?

Shorts 3: Hey, What's Going On?

In-Person and Virtual—This group of shorts for young people highlight just how hard it is to fit in sometimes, whether you’re the new kid on the block or new to the country. Ages 11–14.

Shorts 2: Turn, turn, turn!

In-Person and Virtual—These deeply emotional and beautifully made shorts bring us stories of people trying to move forward when the world seems to throw out one obstacle after another. 

Shorts 1: Sign of the Times

In-Person and Virtual—This impressive group of shorts will have you holding your breath, laughing out loud, scratching your head and being thankful for the ones you love and love you.