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Don’t miss the 25th anniversary of the festival with the best independent films by Irish filmmakers celebrating diversity and creativity through short, documentary and feature films.

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February 29–March 10

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February 29–March 3

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March 4–10

Opening Night Gala

In-Person Only


The Chicago Irish Film Festival proudly presents our Opening Night Gala feature VERDIGRIS, the evening includes a pre-screening reception with drinks and buffet. 

Trapped in a marriage with a volatile and controlling husband, middle-aged, middle-class Marian takes on a secret part-time job as a census enumerator. The job is no picnic. On her tough inner-city route, she faces dismissive and abusive locals who flatly refuse to engage in the census. This includes brash and no-nonsense teenager Jewel, who Marian soon realises is living alone with no obvious means of supporting herself.  

Marian finds herself striking a deal with Jewel – she won’t report her to the authorities if Jewel helps her get the locals to fill out their census forms. As they walk the streets of Dublin, an unlikely friendship blooms.

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Post Show Discussion Will Follow

Patricia Kelly, Director | Paul FitzSimons, Producer
John Conlan, Music | Geraldine McAlinden, Actor

Closing Night Film

In-Person Only

Play Video about That They May Face the Rising Sun

Director: Pat Collins
Cast: Barry Ward, Anna Bederke, Lalor Roddy

That They May Face the Rising Sun

Joe and Kate Ruttledge have returned from London to live and work among the small, close-knit community near to where Joe grew up. Now deeply embedded in life around the lake, the drama of a year in their lives and those of the memorable characters around them unfolds through the rituals of work, play and the passing seasons as this enclosed world becomes an everywhere.

THAT THEY MAY FACE THE RISING SUN is an adaptation of the final novel from John McGahern, one of Ireland’s greatest novelists. 

Who will survive?

In-Person Only

Play Video about Double Blind

Double Blind

After an experimental drug trial goes awry, the test subjects face a terrifying side effect: if you fall asleep you die. Trapped in an
isolated medical facility chaos ensues as they try to escape.

Play Video about Lies We Tell

Lies We Tell

An orphaned heiress is forced to embrace her family’s dark legacy when her Uncle Silas’s sinister intentions become clear and more than here inheritance is at risk.

Play Video about Lie of the Land

Lie of the Land

A tense drama unfolds as the Wards prepare to abandon their lives, escaping a dire financial situation but a last-minute change of heart leaves them fighting for survival.

Play Video about Made in Dublin

Made in Dublin

Tells the story of Finn, an aspiring actor who makes a living working in a restaurant in Dublin. A meeting with a famous director with a dark  past ends up in conflict.

Gripping Stories

In-Person Only

Play Video about In the Shadow of Beirut Film Still

In the Shadow of Beirut

From the makers of Gaza comes a new cinematic odyssey that penetrates deep below the surface of Beirut, a still beautiful, yet deeply troubled city on the brink of financial collapse.

Play Video about One Night in Millstreet

One Night in Millstreet

A prize fight between underdog Steve ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Collins and champion Chris ‘Simply the Best’ Eubank grips an entire nation.

Play Video about Stolen Film Still - Blue


‘Stolen’ reveals how women who fell pregnant ‘out of wedlock’ were treated in an Ireland that was heavily influenced by the catholic church. Over 80,000 unmarried mothers were incarcerated in mother and baby institutions run by nuns from 1922 to 1998.

Play Video about Ann Film Festival


On January 31, 1984, Ann awakens to realize that she was going to have this baby. Having left the house early, Ann scurries around to find somewhere to hide, lost and frightened. Based on the true story of Ann Lovett.

Inspiring Documentaries and Artistically Experimental Film

In-Person Only

Play Video about Hungry Hill

Hungry Hill

Set in the Beara Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland, the film follows the day-to-day lives of sheep farmers as they negotiate the demands of the terrain, changing societal attitudes, and the impact of globalization.

Play Video about Songs of Blood and Destiny Film Still

Songs of Blood & Destiny

Based on the epic poem iGirl by Marina Carr. A narrator unravels her own life like a knotted ball of string, reflecting with dark humour and heavenly wit on humanities destiny and evokes voices past and future.

Play Video about Translating Ulysses

Translating Ulysses

Kawa Nemir, renowned Kurdish translator, goes on an epic journey to bring Joyce’s literary masterpiece ULYSSES from the Irish sea to the Kurdish mountains.

25th Anniversary Shorts

In-Person Only

In this program, we hope you’ll rediscover films you’ve loved and uncover those you might have missed. Presented by Barry Dignam, CIFF Alum and Head of the Department of European Projects / FilmEU at IADT-Dublin.

Shorts Programs

In-Person & Online

The Golden West Film Still

The Golden West

Tom Berkeley | Ross White

1849. Having fled the Great Famine, two warring Irish sisters seek their fortunes in the gold rush. But with winter fast approaching and nothing to show for their efforts, their age-old feud soon threatens to become deadly. Part of Shorts 1.

Live is Unpredictable

Not sure if this is your last day or the first day of a better life? These films are filled with passion, regrets, revenge and one really amazing mom!

Seize the Day!

Sometimes you just have to take a chance and go for it. You might meet a president, save a forest or save yourself.

First steps

It’s never easy to take that first step, the one that may change your life forever, but these films are filled with people who did; for the earth, for a cause, for themselves, and for love.

Finding Your Voice

Maybe! From inner voices of hope and reflection to voices that might question one’s sanity, this group of films is filled with everything from poetry to hilarity and a lot of honesty.

Milos Meltdown

Shorts for Tots

This special program was created by the folks at Dublin Animation Film Festival for our favorite 3-6 year olds!

Will Izzy make a friend? | Will the Mr. Humbug smile? | Will Milo’s Meltdown melt the ice? | Will Ray miss his caterpillar?

Lots of questions and wonderful adventures in this specially selected group of animated films from Ireland.

Family Shorts

From that age old question of what to wear on picture day to telling your teacher you really don’t want to do something this family friendly section of short films can be enjoyed by parents and kids from ages 7-10.

Online Program

Play Video about The Tale of Billy O'C Film Still

The Tale of Billy O'C

In 1970s rural Ireland, the murderer of an IRA safe house operative, must be stopped before executing his master plan. A psychological crime thriller and small-town politics.

Play Video about Dublin Crust

Dublin Crust

Worn Out, Played Out, Strung Out. 10 Years after Punk band Crust split up the band members lives have fallen apart, but Drummer Bonehead has one dream: getting the band back together for one last show.

Play Video about The Far Field Film Still

The Far Field

At 90, Seamus Molloy’s only companions are the cats he chases away, a neighbor’s dog, and the clock ticking on the wall. After a 60-years absence, a letter arrives from the past. This time his life could be disrupted.

Play Video about That Theatre on Lower Abbey Street Film Still

The Theatre on Lower Abbey Street

The story of the men and women who set out at the turn of the century in 1900 to create a National Theatre in Ireland. The tale is told with love and humor by the filmmaker. 

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