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The Chicago Irish Film Festival (CIFF), dedicated to presenting the works of Irish filmmakers since 1999. We open for Chicago audiences a window into the color and complexity of Irish life. Contemporary Irish films bring the lyrical and self-reflective richness of a long artistic tradition to bear on unique stories and pressing social issues with a gaze both critical and loving.

We strive to include a broad representation of current Irish cinema in both English and Irish language, and encourage submissions that highlight the extraordinary diversity and creativity that is the mark of Irish filmmaking wherever in the world it may occur.

Our passion for supporting Irish films and filmmakers translates into a commitment to broadening our reach through marketing and social media to audiences in the Chicago area and beyond.

We wholeheartedly thank our sponsors, donors and filmmakers, and look forward to a vibrant festival season. Don’t miss it!

Our Team

Board of Directors
  • Michael Nix
  • Christopher Kamyszew
  • Benjamin Nitka
  • Colleen Doherty
Festival Director
  • Jude Blackburn
Advisory Board
  • Ferdia Doherty
  • Imelda Gallagher
  • Edward Galvin
  • Angela McLaughlin
  • Robin McCown
  • John McEnaeny
  • Aris Byrne
Festival Staff
  • Seth Adams, Film Tech
  • Mark Bettenhausen, Design
  • Sam Blackburn, Volunteer
  • Ayman Hishmeh, Video Production
  • Chris Matusek, Graphic/Web Design
Theatre Venues
  • The Gallery Theatre,
    Ewa Domeredzka
  • The Logan Theatre,
    Jennifer Zacarias
  • The Wilmette Theatre,
    Wendy Sharon
  • Theater on the Lake,
    Susan Nicholl