Seize the Day: Shorts Program 2

Seize the Day! Sometimes you just have to take a chance and go for it. You might meet a president, save your family or make someone’s day.


Trouble Film Still


Jonathan Shaw

Set amidst the backdrop of the civil war three siblings, on the verge of a tragic event, struggle to keep their family intact while the town remains under British military lockdown. 2024 Festival Award Nominee. 🎥 View Trailer


JFK The Three Miles Film Still

JFK- The Three Miles

Pamela Finn

In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy made a visit which would change the world’s perception of Ireland forever. Kennedy referred to his visit to Ireland as “the best four days of his life”. 2024 Consulate of Ireland Award Nominee. 🎥 View Trailer


Barry vs. the Binnman Film Still

Barry vs The Binman

Craig Moore

A down on his luck thirty-something becomes fixated on his trash collectors when they start leaving his bin in other people’s driveways. 🎥 View Trailer


Calf Film Still Film Still


Jamie O’Rourke

A sinister farm accident leaves Cáit with a terrible decision to make. 2024 Festival Award Nominee. 🎥 View Trailer


Waiting Day Film Still

Waiting Day

Grace Dyas

‘Waiting Day’ is the day before you’re paid, the day before you can top up your gas, the day before you feel rich again – just for a moment. This is the story of a working-class Ma, her two girls and their humor as they struggle to survive from pain to “everyday.” 🎥 View Trailer




Asling Byrne

As the tensions and frustrations of life in a community house start to close in on him, a young man with Down Syndrome realises he may have to cross a line to end a nightly disturbance. 🎥 View Trailer


Dear Imelda Film Still

Dear Imelda

Aron Holden

In rural Ireland, Imelda and Grandson Ciaran form an unexpected bond to unite generations and connect lost friends. 2024 Festival Award Nominee 🎥 View Trailer




Mar 4 '24, 12:00 AM — Mar 10 '24, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)



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YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 100 Minutes