Finding Your Voice!: Shorts Program 4

Finding Your Voice! From inner voices of hope and reflection to voices that might question one’s sanity, this group of films is filled with everything from poetry to hilarity and a lot of honesty.


The Life of Lester Wink Film Still

The Life of Lester Wink

Cassidy Harrison

A door-to-door pet insurance salesman with a phobia of talking with strangers must make a sale by 5 pm or get fired. 2024 Festival Award Nominee. 🎥 View Trailer


Scartin' Midges Film Still

Scartin’ Midges

Tristan Crowe

A dramatic look at the lost art of peat cutting peat by hand in North Antrim blended seamlessly with an Ulster-Scots poem by Charlie Gillen


Forest/ry Film Still


Noelle Gallagher

The felling of Sitka trees is dramatic, and though seeming to represent a death knell to the landscape, this particular deforestation will be the precursor to new life.


Lamb Film Still


Sinéad O’Loughlin

An ordinary day takes a sinister turn for a woman and her child when a stranger walks into their isolated rural home. 🎥 View Trailer


When Horses Run Film Still

When Horses Run

Dale Leadon-Bolger

When Horses Run explores the daily demands of being a professional flat jockey, alongside Limerick jockey Mark Enright. 2024 Consulate of Ireland Award Nominee. 🎥 View Trailer


unREAD Film Still


Darren Hinchy

“Unread” unfolds entirely on Amy’s phone screen as she begins her freshman year in college. Using it as a distraction from her family, Amy finds solace at the local bar. However, something has to cha


Unhinged Film Still


Zoe Brennan-Whitmore

Following a recent sighting of her office crush on a dating app on the eve of his leaving party, an overthinking, millennial searches for reassurance that her feelings are reciprocated before it’s 🎥 View Trailer


Burn It All Film Still

Burn It All

Jack Hickey

After her father leaves her mother for her best friend, a devastated Bobbie embarks on a chaotic campaign of revenge. 🎥 View Trailer




Mar 4 '24, 12:00 AM — Mar 10 '24, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)



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RUN TIME: 100 Minutes