Family Shorts

From that age old question of what to wear on picture day to telling your teacher you really don’t want to do something this family friendly section of short films can be enjoyed by parents and kids from ages 7-10.


The Innkeeper Film Still

The Innkeeper

Paudie Baggott

When a spirited eight-year-old lands the part of innkeeper in the school nativity play, she battles her perfectionist teacher who insists that she “stick to the script” and refuse Mary and Joseph a room.

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Scrumpy Film Still


Dan Holmwood

Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his special day. 🎥 View Trailer


Fishing Poles Film Still

Fishing Poles

Fra McCartney

It’s the 60s and things are quiet in the Irish sea-side town of Ardglass. When two kids get up to mischief with the local fish shop, they find themselves on an adventure they’ll never forget. 🎥 View Trailer



Alva + The Gizmazing Maze

Ciaran Morrison, Mick O’Hara

Alva learns the internet can be like a maze, filled with twist and turns and even some mischievous  trolls.


Picture Day Film Still

Picture Day

Jason Branigan

After learning that class photo day is approaching, a young boy comes face to face with the manifestation of his insecurities in the form of a troll called Alan. 🎥 View Trailer


A Bedouin Dream Film Still

A Bedouin Dream

Tom Johnson

Nine-year-old Isra is proud of her Bedouin heritage and dreams of camping in the desert. Luckily, her mother has a plan to make her dream come true. 🎥 View Trailer




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RUN TIME: 80 Minutes