25th Anniversary Shorts

This collection is not necessarily the best of Irish short filmmaking but rather a personal selection of favorites that have graced the Chicago Irish Film Festival’s screen. In this program, I hope you’ll rediscover films you’ve loved and uncover those you might have missed. Presented by Barry Dignam, CIFF Alum and Head of the Department of European Projects / FilmEU at IADT-Dublin.


Chicken Film Still


Barry Dignam 2001

Teen Irish lads engage in a game of mumbly peg for what purpose?


Frankie Film Still


Darren Thornton 2007

Fifteen-year-old, Frankie will soon be a father. He spends the time with a practice doll trying to learn what it’s like to take care of a baby.


Fifty Percent Grey Film Still

Fifty Percent Grey

Ruairi Robinson 2001

Sergeant wakes up alone with only a widescreen TV for company, in a place designed for him to relax in peace and tranquility, for all eternity…


The Door Film Still

The Door

Juanita Wilson 2008

After stealing an old door, a man reflects on the desperate circumstances that led him to do so.


Useless Dog Film Still

Useless Dog

Ken Wardrop 2004

An observation about an inept but lovable farm dog.


Downpour Film Still


Claire Dix 2011

A celebration of Irish rain. A bride-to-be recalls pivotal moments in her relationship that all took place in a shower, a drizzle or a downpour.




Domhnall Gleeson 2010

Two policemen on a house-call in rural Ireland; Frank is young and heartbroken… Con is middle-aged and weary… They’re both alone. They’re both idiots.


The White Dress Film Still

The White Dress

Vanessa Gildea 2006

The story of a little girl on her communion day but unlike other little girls she is making her communion all on her own.


Teeth Film Still


Ruairi O’Brien 2007

A tale of two old friends, their teeth and a fishing trip that leaves them lost for words.


Fear of Flying Film Still

Fear Of Flying

Conor Finnegan 2012

A small bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter.


Undressing my Mother Film Still

Undressing My Mother

Ken Wardrop 2004

A documentary that explores a woman’s unique take on her overweight and aging body.


Dream Kitchen Film Still

Dream Kitchen

Barry Dignam 1999

A young man comes home one afternoon and plucks up the courage to tell his astonished parents the good news: “I’m gay”.




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RUN TIME: 90 Minutes