Venue: Virtual Access March 7-13

Where the Merrows Roam

Where the Merrows Roam

An entirely dialogue-free, experimental feature film following two separate stories across six distinct chapters. A nonlinear collage of reminiscences tracing the hazy glow of childhood memory through to the harsh light of adulthood. The film moves between quick montages and long studied images, of County Cork and our storytellers, that provide the drama along with …

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Mike, a low level drug dealer, is haunted by a recent death. Unable to shake his waking nightmare Mike’s business has suffered and he and his gang are in debt to a ruthless supplier. In need of quick cash the gang plan to grow a large amount of weed to settle the debt, now all …

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For five city friends, a day out hiking for charity in the Irish countryside of Glenkill takes a turn for the worse when one of them suffers an accident. Forced to look for a shortcut off the mountain, the friends cross onto private property in an effort to get back to the main road ignoring …

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Keep It A Secret

In 1972, every international sporting event in Ireland was cancelled, except for one. Teams from around the world were terrified to travel to Ireland amid the height of The Troubles. The only group of athletes bold enough to risk traveling in Ireland at this turbulent time were surfers. From around the globe they descended upon …

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One Upon a Time in Ireland

Once Upon A Time In Ireland

Set in 1922 Civil War Ireland a band of Republican IRA idealists are under siege in a tidal cave carved into the beautiful, rugged wildness of the Irish Atlantic coast. Outside awaits a bloodthirsty force of anti IRA/pro treaty British supported troops. As the day fades into night both sides talk about the future of …

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Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up

Bicycle Thieves: Pumped UP

Mags (Roxanna Nic Liam) is a hot-headed pizza delivery cyclist who reckons herself to be entirely self-sufficient, but is barely getting by amidst the property crisis in Dublin. She’s struggling to keep her job due to her ferocious temper and keep up with the rent increases her middle-class housemates can easily afford. She longs to …

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The 1938 comedy classic features much-loved Irish actor Jimmy O’Dea as a hapless cough-medicine salesman working along the Irish Border. He runs into trouble when he encounters a pair of jewel thieves and accidently switches suitcases. High jinks ensue and a cross-border rivalry plays out between a southern garda and a northern RUC man for the love of a …

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Memory of Mariga

Short Docs A : Stories to Remember

From the founding of the Irish Georgian Society by Mariga and Desmond Guinness in 1958 to a David vs Goliath 1980 Limerick vs Real Madrid soccer match these stories are more than memorable. Films in this Program The Small Steps | Al Butler Three generations of Ireland’s finest knifemakers live around Bantry Bay, between Schull …

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Short Docs B : Living Life

Five fascinating films that look at life’s ever changing situations with honesty and perspective as people navigate Direct Provisions, Covid-19, adoption and personal hardships. Films in this Program FORERUNNER | Kevin Bennett, Dave Thorpe International ultra-runner and lawyer, Dr. Sinead Kane is the first visually impaired athlete to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents in …

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