Venue: Virtual Access March 7-13

The Pursuit

Shorts: Dublin Animation B

The Chicago Irish Film Festival delighted to be partnering with Dublin Animation Film Festival for a special program of thought provoking films created by some of Ireland’s most talented animators. (Recommended for children 9 and up.) Films in this Program PURSUIT | Director Iobhar Stokes Rodriguez An astronaut has a run in with an abandoned …

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The Ghost Dog

Shorts: Dublin Animation A

The Chicago Irish Film Festival delighted to be partnering with Dublin Animation Film Festival for a special program of family friendly films created by some of Ireland’s most talented animators. (Recommended for children 7 and up.) Check back for updates to the program! Films in this Program THE GHOST DOG | Director Jamie Posadas A …

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The Blue Shroud

The Blue Shroud

This intriguing documentary is based on three historical events: the 1937 bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War (the first deliberate aerial bombing of a civilian population and a prelude to the devastation of the Second World War); Pablo Picasso’s response to that atrocity in his iconic 1937 painting, Guernica; and the moment in …

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The Maltese Connection

The Maltese Connection

When female British agent Aureille is sent to Ireland to investigate the robbery of bearer bonds by Rory Baker, a simple heist turns into a mad race against double agents, ruthless black-market brokers, love smitten hit men and a priest that can definitely not be trusted. Betrayed and set up Aureille goes rogue in Malta, …

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The Quay Co-Op

The Quay Co-Op

The Quay Co-op tells the story of a well-known building on Sullivan’s Quay in Cork whose interiors have charted the social, political and cultural changes in contemporary Irish society over the past forty years. The Quay Co-op’ has a fascinating story to tell about the individuals and groups who wanted to see Ireland become a …

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Where the Merrows Roam

Where the Merrows Roam

An entirely dialogue-free, experimental feature film following two separate stories across six distinct chapters. A nonlinear collage of reminiscences tracing the hazy glow of childhood memory through to the harsh light of adulthood. The film moves between quick montages and long studied images, of County Cork and our storytellers, that provide the drama along with …

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An Irish Goodbye

Shorts A : Family First

As the saying goes “you can pick your friends, but not your family” but that doesn’t stop a few of these young people from making decisions not everyone may like. Films in this Program CHICKEN OUT | Richard Keane A cash-strapped dad gets a job as the mascot of a chicken takeaway to make ends …

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Shorts B : Let’s Talk About It!

What did you say? A selection of films that have a lot to say about communicating with others and self-respect and some interesting ways of saying it. Films in this Program I’LL WAIT HERE | Tamryn Reinecke After meeting at an abandoned bus stop a young boy and a heartbroken woman form an unexpected friendship. …

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Shorts C : Change of Plans

What happens when your entire world is turned totally upside down? What will you do? Who can you trust? Can you start over and do you want to? Films in this Program DEBUTANTE | Kamila Dydyna  Meg’s simple life revolves around her duties as a Jehovah’s Witness and a platonic relationship with her boyfriend Sam. …

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Momento Mori

Shorts D : Reflections

The past seemed so clear, the future quite murky, as decisions are pondered and ultimately made, but at what cost to the spirit, the soul or the psyche?  Films in this Program ACHERON | Tommy Creagh  Christy, a myth-obsessed playwright in his late twenties, finds himself stuck in a creative rut as he constantly clashes …

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