Once Upon A Time In Ireland

Filmmaker Conor Slattery will attend

Set in 1922 Civil War Ireland a band of Republican IRA idealists are under siege in a tidal cave carved into the beautiful, rugged wildness of the Irish Atlantic coast. Outside awaits a bloodthirsty force of anti IRA/pro treaty British supported troops. As the day fades into night both sides talk about the future of the nation from their point of view and as the tide rises one group debates their chances of survival while the other group their determination to wipe the Republicans out. Shot in black and white the slow burning film builds with tension and fear as the fate of all the men is played out with more than a tinge of sadness for a united country that never came to be.



In 1761 Dorcas “Darkey” Kelly was tried and found guilty of murder. On the night before her execution a young priest visits her in the hopes of saving her immortal soul. But nothing with Darkey is as it seems. TRAILER

MEMEMTO MORI | Peter O’Flanagan

Post-mortem photographer Mr. Huxley tends to his latest subject: a mysterious young woman – whose presence conjures Huxley’s personal demons, compelling him to confront his narcissistic life.

THE KILLARNEY ECHO (Macalla Chill Áirne) | Charlie O’Brien

On a Victorian tour of Killarney’s lakes, six people are aboard, two boatmen speak Irish, two women English. One boatman’s brother is on the run from the police, one of the ladies has lost her wedding ring. Irish Language w/ subtitles. TRAILER

*Please Note: DARKEY KELLY, MEMENTO MORI and THE KILLARNEY ECHO will screen in the festival’s Virtual Shorts Program D: Reflections 


Showtime Dates: March 4
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Society for Arts: Gallery Theatre

Online Access

Access Window: March 7, 2022 - March 13, 2022

Live Stream

Film Details

DIRECTOR(S)Conor Slattery
PRODUCER(S)Keith O’Connell, Conor Slattery, Tracy Slattery
SCREENWRITER(S)Gemma McCarthy, Conor Slattery
CASTConor Dwane, Coleman Hayes, Lorcan O’Neill, Emmet Kelly, Conor Slattery
EDITORConor Slattery

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Film Details

YEAR: 2021
RUN TIME: 101 Minutes