Shorts: Dublin Animation B

The Chicago Irish Film Festival delighted to be partnering with Dublin Animation Film Festival for a special program of thought provoking films created by some of Ireland’s most talented animators. (Recommended for children 9 and up.)

Films in this Program

The Pursuit

PURSUIT | Director Iobhar Stokes Rodriguez

An astronaut has a run in with an abandoned satellite.


SUNRIDE | Director Deither Kirby Jay

A morning bike trip to see the sunrise.

The Late Shift

THE LATE SHIFT | Director Dylan Yap

When a porter’s dreams of becoming a Kung Fu warrior suddenly become real, he must fight for his life and prove he has what it takes. Cantonese w/ English subtitles.

Did You Hear About Her Dad

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT HER DAD | Jessica Patterson

A group of kids think a young girl’s did is weird, but how about theirs?


ALIENATED | Director Robyn Coleman, Dayna Crossan

A young barista has trouble convincing two “locals” she’s Irish.



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Access Window: March 7, 2022 - March 13, 2022
Only Accessible from: United States

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RUN TIME: 80 Minutes