Shorts 1: Sign of the Times

Filmmakers Attending: Q&A Follows In-Person Screening


In-Person and Virtual—This impressive group of shorts will have you holding your breath, laughing out loud, scratching your head and being thankful for the ones you love and love you.

Lady Betty

In a cozy corner of a country pub, two old friends wile away the evening trading tall tales. Soon they begin telling the story of Lady Betty, the first and only female executioner in Ireland Director: Paul McGrath. 🎥 View Trailer 

First Date

Tina, a recently widowed farmer, doesn’t want her daughter to move back to the city and leave her alone. When Seamus arrives on the farm talking about a date, she decides to intervene. Director: Clara Planelles. 🎥 View Trailer


While young kids shoot mud against a wall using an improvised device, an older boy’s boredom manifests itself in a much more violent manner. Director: Tiarnan McCartney. 🎥 View Trailer


“We are what we hide.” During the angst of the early pandemic in the corner of a dark underground car park, a troubled young father leaves his sleeping child alone in the car. Director: Margaret Kane-Rowe. 🎥 View Trailer

#Nana Rocks

A high blood sugar attack, a house turned upside down and a cross-country trip on a mobility scooter. Director: Leticia Agudo. 🎥 View Trailer


When Sally, a struggling young antiques dealer, decides to work for the scheming Mr. Barnwell, she makes an astonishing discovery that could change everything – but only if the other dealers don’t find out. Director: Fabien Oman, Phillip Kidd. 🎥 View Trailer

The Secret Life of Jim

Nick tries desperately to have one more real moment with his father Jim who suffers from Alzheimer disease, but he fears he might have run out of time. This film explores the struggles of being a sole caregiver, grieving and the use of music to bring someone back. Director: Emmet Kelly. 🎥 View Trailer


A young couple disappear in the forest. Director: Tom Lynch

Where do all the old gays go?

This short documentary film provides an intimate exploration of the older LGBTQIA+ community living in Ireland. Life is still happening, although it might look very different now to what it was, it is still a place of joy, self-esteem and pride. Director: Cathy Dunne. 🎥 View Trailer




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YEAR: 2022
RUN TIME: 85 Minutes