Shorts E : Tiny Lessons, Mighty Voices

Whether it’s a new record, a new home or a new marketing plan these kids know what they want and have very creative  plans for getting it.

Films in this Program

CHERRY | Director: Kate Brennan

Cherry’s journey to the Xtravadance Grand Prix Finals leads to an unexpected outcome for her ambitious mother who has made sacrifices to  get her there. Cherry, however, would rather be covered in soccer mud  than a fake tan.

DON’T OPEN ME | Michael McCudden

6-year-old Jojo and his dog Braços receive a mysterious gift from the sky and find that it’s important to always judge on what’s on the inside.

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IRISH MEADOWS | Maureen M. Miller

Fanciful frolics ensue when little Louise and her friend Irish Meadows have fun in springtime dreams, together.

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RIAN | Keith O’Grady

A little boy wanting to get adopted, finds himself on a farm in Armagh, getting himself into scrapes and trouble.

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RUTHLESS | Matthew McGuigan

It’s Belfast – early 70’s…BOOM! Something’s in the air and it’s not a bomb, it’s a revolution. Glam Rock is drowning out the noise of armored cars. As British soldiers patrol the streets, kids are glued to Top Of The Pops, entranced by Marc Bolan, the androgynous, satin-clad, glitter-god.

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THE LOST PIG | Ciaran Crudden

James, a farmer staring down the barrel of impending bankruptcy, is forced to make the difficult decision to sell his beloved pigs for meat. When one of the pigs escapes, 13-year-old Alice suggests a far-fetched idea to save the farm.


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