Momento Mori

Shorts D : Reflections

The past seemed so clear, the future quite murky, as decisions are pondered and ultimately made, but at what cost to the spirit, the soul or the psyche? 

Films in this Program

ACHERON | Tommy Creagh 

Christy, a myth-obsessed playwright in his late twenties, finds himself stuck in a creative rut as he constantly clashes with his father; a film exploring family, grief, and the creative process.

ALGORITHM | Edwina Casey 

When nervy Al has an absurd encounter with a stranger, he begins to question his whole identity. Set in the not-too-distant future.

FLANEUR | Alexandra Vetter 

Flan is utterly in love with the poetry and philosophy. Without a job or family support he finally runs out of couches to sleep on. With nowhere to go, Flan wanders Dublin aching to know his value in a country in recession.

Darkey Kelly

DARKEY KELLY | Katie McCann 

In 1761 Dorcas “Darkey” Kelly was tried and found guilty of murder. On the night before her execution a young priest visits her in the hopes of saving her immortal soul. But nothing with Darkey is as it seems.

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Momento Mori

Memento Mori | Peter O’Flanagan

Post-mortem photographer Mr. Huxley tends to his latest subject: a mysterious young woman – whose presence conjures Huxley’s personal demons, compelling him to confront his narcissistic life in the process.

THE BOAT | David Robinson, Bryan Michael Mills 

A boat navigates a tumultuous sea of mushrooms whilst searching for her lost sister ship.

Once Upon a Time in Ireland


On a Victorian tour of Killarney’s lakes, six people are aboard, two boatmen speak Irish, two women English. One boatman’s brother is on the run from the police, one of the ladies has lost her wedding ring. Irish Language w/ subtitles.

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Scrap | Jamie O’Rourke

Ciaran and Michael meet one summer and become fast friends. But when Michael, a member of the Traveller community, arrives at Ciaran’s school for the new term, will they stay friends?

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