Shorts C : Change of Plans

What happens when your entire world is turned totally upside down? What will you do? Who can you trust? Can you start over and do you want to?

Films in this Program

DEBUTANTE | Kamila Dydyna 

Meg’s simple life revolves around her duties as a Jehovah’s Witness and a platonic relationship with her boyfriend Sam. It all goes well until she is summoned to a judicial committee hearing, where three well-meaning congregation elders shatter her carefully constructed world.

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THE CURE | Gordon Hickey 

Craig’s friend suggests his boss may be tampering with his lifesaving research. After stealing the data from his job he sets out on a mission across Dublin, but Craig’s journey takes an ill-fated turn and he’s forced to make a life-or-death decision.

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AFTERLIFE | Daniel Butler 

A dark supernatural comedy about a dead man who discovers he’s a vampire and is persuaded to go through with his own wake in order to enjoy his ‘afterlife.’

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Mark and Aoife have immigrated to the USA from Ireland to achieve the American Dream. Aoife yearns to pursue her career, but gave it up to support her husband and raise their daughter. The discovery of a lie changes everything.

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TRICK SHOT |Christopher Deans 

Three rogue IRA volunteers plan to disrupt the impending Good Friday Agreement with a pool table packed with explosives ready to be shipped off to a pub, but nerves are tested and loyalties questioned when one of them attempts a reckless trick-shot.

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DOLLAR GENERALS |Claire Downs & Brenden Gallagher

A young ex-convict and her boyfriend get jobs at a dollar store in hopes of pulling a cash-skimming scam that quickly goes awry.

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