Shorts B : Let’s Talk About It!

What did you say? A selection of films that have a lot to say about communicating with others and self-respect and some interesting ways of saying it.

Films in this Program

I’LL WAIT HERE | Tamryn Reinecke

After meeting at an abandoned bus stop a young boy and a heartbroken woman form an unexpected friendship.


A young man attempts to commit self-immolation for ‘a worthy cause’, but a broken match and a concerned passing jogger cause a slight delay in his plans.

TEA | Paul Mulgrew

A happy-go-lucky young woman enters trendy Café Malone craving one of her pleasures in life, a good cup of tea. But she’s met with derision by the pretentious barista…

GUARD UP | Tony Doyle

An Olympic-bound boxer believes his future is in doubt when his true identity is revealed.


TEMPVS | Jason Brannigan

When a mute patient begins to recite a foreboding prayer, a child psychologist recognizes the invocation from his own childhood, a song that is a harbinger of a monster he knows as The Tick Tock Man.

You Are Here

YOU ARE HERE | Will McConnell

Two brothers plan to spend quality time together on a weekend hike, but when things go wrong they are forced to confront a rift in their relationship.

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In The Room

IN THE ROOM | Jonathan Hughes

While auditioning, James lets slip some refreshingly frank comments to the unseen casting director. As he kicks himself over his answers, he decides to ask something that’s  been bothering him for a long time; even if kills his chances of landing this role.

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Nosy Neighbor


We all have a neighbor like this.


MAGIC | Jo Halpin

Lauren gets a frantic phone call from ex-boyfriend Ciaran and arrives at his apartment expecting him to beg for her forgiveness. But, Ciaran has something else entirely that he needs to discuss.


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