Shorts 4 : Speak Up

Faced with situations that seem insurmountable these stories are filled with people that have decided to say what they want to say; damn the consequences.

Films in this Program

SHINE | Declan Curran

A young man struggles to express his dreams and ambitions to his traditional family and friends.

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DEBUTANTE | Kamila Dydyna

Meg’s simple life revolves around her duties as a Jehovah’s Witness and a platonic relationship with her boyfriend Sam. It all goes well until she is summoned to a judicial committee hearing, where three well-meaning congregation elders shatter her carefully constructed world.

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A young man attempts to commit self-immolation for ‘a worthy cause’, but a broken match and a concerned passing jogger cause a slight delay in his plans.

GUARD UP | Tony Doyle

An Olympic-bound boxer believes his future is in doubt when his true identity is revealed.

ACHERON | Tommy Creagh

Christy, a myth-obsessed playwright in his late twenties, finds himself stuck in a creative rut as he constantly clashes with his father; a film exploring family, grief, and the creative process.

TEA | Paul Mulgrew

A happy-go-lucky young woman enters trendy Café Malone craving one of her pleasures in life, a good cup of tea. But she’s met with derision by the pretentious barista…

FLANEUR | Alexandra Vetter

Flan is utterly in love with the poetry and philosophy. Without a job or family support he finally runs out of couches to sleep on. With nowhere to go, Flan wanders Dublin aching to know his value in a country in recession.

TRICK SHOT | Christopher Deans

Three rogue IRA volunteers plan to disrupt the impending Good Friday Agreement with a pool table packed with explosives ready to be shipped off to a pub, but nerves are tested, and loyalties questioned when one of them attempts a reckless trick-shot.

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CHICKEN OUT | Richard Keane

A cash-strapped dad gets a job as the mascot of a chicken takeaway to make ends meet for his young family. They need to fly the nest of his overbearing mother, but can the plucky dad make it dressed as a giant chicken?

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