Shadowed Reflections

Shorts 2 : Twists and Turns

Life has a habit of going one way when we were planning on going the other and the results can be life changing in more ways than you can imagine.

Films in this Program


MAGIC | Jo Halpin

Lauren gets a frantic phone call from ex-boyfriend Ciaran and arrives at his apartment expecting him to beg for her forgiveness. But, Ciaran has something else entirely that he needs to discuss.

THE CURE | Gordon Hickey

Craig’s friend suggests his boss may be tampering with his lifesaving research.
After stealing the data from his job he sets out on a mission across Dublin, but Craig’s journey takes an ill-fated turn and he’s forced to make a life-or-death decision.

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ALGORITHM | Edwina Casey

When nervy Al has an absurd encounter with a stranger, he begins to question his whole identity. Set in the not-too-distant future.

SCRAP | Jamie O’Rourke

Ciaran and Michael meet one summer and become fast friends. But when Michael, a member of the Traveller community, arrives at Ciaran’s school for the new term, will they stay friends.

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FOXGLOVE | Michel-David McKernan

Siobhán travels home to reconcile with her past, the memory of her mother and her dying father.


Mark, a traditionalist, immigrated to the USA from Ireland with his wife Aoife to achieve the American Dream. Aoife yearns to pursue her career but gave it up to support her husband and raise their daughter. The discovery of a lie changes everything.

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AFTERLIFE | Daniel Butler

A dark supernatural comedy about a dead man who discovers he’s a vampire and is persuaded to go through with his own wake in order to enjoy his ‘afterlife.’

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DOLLAR GENERALS | Claire Downs, Brenden Gallagher

A young ex-convict and her boyfriend get jobs at a dollar store in hopes of pulling a cash-skimming scam that quickly goes awry.

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