Rosie and Frank

| Rósie and Frank | Closing Film

It’s been two years since Róise lost her husband Frank. Isolated in grief she has cut herself off from family and community. Then one day the arrival of a mysterious dog, who seems intent on connecting with Róise, heralds a huge change, but is it for the better? The dog loves hurling and steaks, has a favorite armchair and an aversion to their neighbor, Donncha. Róise quickly comes to the conclusion that this dog is her beloved Frank, reincarnated. While her son worries that his mother has lost her mind, the local community seem to embrace the idea of Frank’s return, especially as he coaches a shy local kid to become a star player and ensure success for the school team. Róise is happy once more but is there a real future for her with a dog-husband?

“Grief is universal but how we deal with it is individual.” Rachel Moriarty, Director


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