| Doineann | Opening Night Film

Tomás (Peter Coonan) is a successful television producer specializing in investigative journalism that over the years has made many enemies in Dublin’s criminal underworld. In search of peace and quiet, he and his wife Siobhán take their baby son Oisín to their holiday home on a remote island off the north-west coast of Ireland. There they keep to themselves, avoiding interaction with the islanders, living a very quiet life. But early one morning, Tomás receives an urgent call from work and must return to the mainland, leaving Siobhan and Oisín on the island. When he returns home later that day he finds that they are both missing so in desperation Tomás seeks the help of the island’s retired policewoman, Labhaoise (Bríd Brennan). With warnings of an approaching storm, Labhaoise organizes a search party of islanders and the next morning they make a grisly discovery – but it is not what they expected to find and the storm is getting closer.

…the film is always intriguing, never boring and quite captivating at times.” Film Ireland
An Irish-language mystery full of twists and an excellent turn by Brid Brennan.” Screen Daily
…arresting visuals and immersive sound design place audiences right in the thick of the windswept, sea-locked location’s rural beauty.” Irish News


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