Memory of Mariga

Short Docs A : Stories to Remember

From the founding of the Irish Georgian Society by Mariga and Desmond Guinness in 1958 to a David vs Goliath 1980 Limerick vs Real Madrid soccer match these stories are more than memorable.

Films in this Program

Small Steps

The Small Steps | Al Butler

Three generations of Ireland’s finest knifemakers live around Bantry Bay, between Schull and Glengarriff, recounting the small steps they follow through their process of knifemaking.


Visionaries | John Desmond Kelly

Where Sight Fades, Music Speaks. Three visually impaired musicians explore the impact of music on their lives.

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My Brain in Blue Light

My Brain in Blue Light | Ellen Morris

A poetic reflection on adapting to the confined and technological way of living ushered in by Covid-19 restrictions. The film examines how the home has moved from a place of respite to a place of stagnation during Ireland’s second lockdown.

Memory of Mariga

Memory of Mariga | Jules Charlton

When Irish cinematographer Jules Charlton was a small child he got a ringside seat, through his mother’s great friendship with Mariga Guinness, to the historic achievements of Mariga and her husband Desmond after they co-founded the Irish Georgian Society and saved some of Ireland’s greatest buildings – such as Castletown House in Co. Kildare – from speculation or ruin.

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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not | Siobhan Peterson

A daughter, Marylou, recalls growing up with her father, Joe, and his slow decay into dementia.

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Sit Down and Shut Up

Sit Down Shut Up | Cian O’Connor

It’s 1980, Charlie Haughey is in office, Ireland is in a recession, and a small soccer club is about to face football royalty, Real Madrid, in the first knockout round of the European Cup. This is the story of three Limerick players who played the game of their lives that no one remembers.

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